Arthur de Niet - Mental Coach 

Arthur de Niet is our mental coach. After years of running in circles he decided in 2019 to get out of the eternal loop of vague plans and dreams and wrote his well received  book FastFoward2 UltimateSuccess. To really enable people to start making positive changes in their lives he developed in 2020 the online course Fast Forward Program at In 2020 he co-founded Ultimate Success Coaches and now works as mental coach with athletes around the world to improve their sport performance (swimming, running and cycling). Recently he developed the Mental Athlete 4 Coaching program for better virtual mental coaching possibilities. 

He is a certified coach with various specialties like sport psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and  Hypnosis with the passion to make people the best versions of themselves. Mental coaching sessions are virtual and offered in both English and Dutch language

Overview Certifications: 

Neuro Linguistic Programming - Certification at the American Union of NLP ( Cert. #: 5729

Hypnotherapy - Certification at the American Alliance of Hypnotists ( Cert #: 3978.